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Speed Calling

SPEED CALLING lets you reach frequently called numbers quickly and accurately, just by pressing one or two digits.  And it works from every phone.  Choose a small list of eight speed calling numbers with SPEED CALLING 8 or a longer list of speed calling numbers with SPEED CALLING 30.

To set up SPEED CALLING 8 or 30:
  1. Establish a list of names and phone numbers of each person to whom you want to assign a SPEED CALLING code.  Assign a separate SPEED CALLING code for each phone number.
    • SPEED CALLING 8 (Assign Numbers 2-9)
    • SPEED CALLING 30 (Assign Numbers 20-49)
  2. Lift the receiver and listen for dial tone.  Enter *74 for SPEED CALLING 8 or *75 for SPEED CALLING 30.
  3. Wait for dial tone and enter one of the SPEED CALLING codes assigned in Step 1.
  4. Now, immediately enter the phone number for the SPEED CALLING code (include a “1” plus area code if it’s a long distance number).
  5. Press the # key. (On a rotary dial phone, omit this step and wait.)
  6. Listen for the confirmation tone that confirms your entry.

To use SPEED CALLING 8 or 30:

Simply pick up the phone and enter the SPEED CALLING code assigned to the number you want to call and press the # key.

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