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All the blazing fast Internet speed you need at speeds up to 20.0 Mbps (where available, call for pricing)


Several plans available


No activation fee


No contract to sign


Equipment rental warranty


Includes exclusive access to I-Land Internet Services online features:

i-Sell – classified ads » why buy newspaper ads again?  I-Land customers can sell on i-Sell, anyone can buy on i-Sell!
i-Mail » access to your email from any computer
i-Calendar » view and post community events
i-Pics » catalog and share photos online
i-Briefcase » store those important files online

Arrow Rock, Blackwater, Bunceton, Fortuna, Gilliam, High Point, Latham, Marshall Junction, Miami, Nelson, Pilot Grove, and Speed:

Plans and Features Standard DSL Access Standard DSL Access
w/modem lease
Access limits Always On Always On
1.0Mbps i-DSL $19.95 $25.94
Speed (incoming) up to 1.0Mbps up to 1.0Mbps
Speed (outbound) 512k 512k
2.0Mbps i-DSL $24.95 $30.94
Speed (incoming) up to 2.0Mbps up to 2.0Mbps
Speed (outbound) 512k 512k
4.0Mbps i-DSL $29.95 $35.94
Speed (incoming) up to 4.0Mbps up to 4.0Mbps
Speed (outbound) 1Mb 1Mb
10.0Mbps i-DSL $39.95 $45.94
Speed (incoming) up to10.0Mbps up to10.0Mbps
Speed (outbound) 2Mb 2Mb
20.0Mbps i-DSL $44.95 $50.94
Speed (incoming) up to20.0Mbps up to 20.0Mbps
Speed (outbound) 4Mb 4Mb
50.0Mbps i-DSL $49.95 $55.94
Speed (incoming) up to 40.0Mbps up to 40.0Mbps
Speed (outbound) 4Mb 4Mb
100.0Mbps i-DSL $54.95 $60.94
Speed (incoming) up to 100.0Mbps up to100.0Mbps
Speed (outbound) 40.0Mb 40.0Mb
Activation Fee $15.00 $15.00
Modem Lease Rate


Wireless Modem Router

$ 5.99 + tax

Modem self install kit includes an external DSL waireless LAN modem/4port router and one (1) DSL line filter for analog devices on this circuit. If you need our modem configured as a router call us for pricing.    
Static I/P address optional optional
Monthly Rate $5.00ea/$20 group of 8/6 usable $5.00ea/$20 group of 8/6 usable
Contract Term None None
Email Addresses 1 1
Additional Email Addresses $2.50/mo. or $25/yr. $2.50/mo. or $25/yr.
Web Space Included Yes Yes
Total Space (email, web space, etc) 2.0Gb 2.0Gb
Wireless Modem and Modem/Router Lease Rate   $5.99 (substitutes DSL modem)
Eligible for Referral Program Yes Yes
Referrals = Free Service

Free I-Land Service?!?  That’s right! 


Once I-Land begins to bill you, a service credit will be applied to your account for each person who signs up with I-Land and tells us you referred them.  It's simple!


Why splash in a kiddie pool when you can ride the DSL wave? 


To learn more,
call us today at (800) 526-8302. 


We’ll check to see if DSL is available in your neighborhood.  If it is, place an order and get ready to ride the wave!

For more info or to sign up for service,

Call our toll-free sales line at


(800) 526-8302
(8am-5pm, Monday – Friday),


or email your questions to



* Taxes, fees and surcharges apply.  Rates, rate plans, & offers subject to change.  Other restrictions may apply.
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